Texas Church to Give Away 10 Luxury Cars and Other Treats for Easter

We have mixed feelings about this. We get really nervous about giving things away… but we can’t help but admire the practical benefits of attracting people to wealth and luxury. Plus, some of the recipients of these prizes may not be able to afford to maintain them, thus encouraging them to sacrifice more to the Glory of the Divine Lucre!

The Calvary Church in Irving, Texas, is encouraging people to attend its Easter services by giving away ten luxury cars. They also plan on giving away 1,000 bags of groceries and 50,000 Easter eggs filled with candy and prizes, like Rangers tickets and vacation packages.

Lead Pastor Ben Dailey explained, “As Christians, we celebrate Jesus, his death, his burial, his resurrection this time of year. It’s Godloving loud and we thought, how can we love our community in a loud way?”

The pastor and his wife have donated their Mercedes for the giveaway.

Dailey hopes that the “over the top” weekend will encourage more people to attend church.

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